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ALTA Land Title Survey

An ALTA Land Title Survey is completed based on the “Minimum Standard Detail Requirements and Accuracy Standards For ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys.” This ALTA survey standards document was developed and is revised on a regular basis by a combination of Title industry (the American Land Title Association) and Surveying industry (the National Society of Professional Surveyors) professionals. The latest version of this document is the 2021 revision.

ALTA Survey Costs

Since ALTA Surveys take more time and effort, these surveys typically cost more than a survey done according to a particular state standard. I should point out that if the state standard is more restrictive on a certain point, then the most restrictive standard rules.

Ohio County Map with Cities - ALTA Survey

I see ALTA surveys priced from 50% to 250% more than a comparable boundary survey. This depends on the items checked in “Table A – Optional Survey Responsibilities and Specifications.” This table adds additional or specific tasks to the surveyor’s scope of work.

One item that is usually included with most all ALTA survey requests is Item #1, monuments placed. Ohio Surveying standards include this and, in my opinion, all surveys should, but the ALTA survey leaves this optional unless the item is checked on Table A.

In regard to this, one of the things I appreciate is that the client is “supposed to” not only fill out this Table A but also to furnish title documents to the surveyor BEFORE he starts the survey. In practice we rarely get the title documents until we issue the first draft of the survey. At that time the documents are sent to us and we are asked to revise the survey and show them. While this is not the way its planned, at least we have the chance to review the documents before issuing the final version of the survey.

Regions of Ohio


  • A small, triangular region that reaches up into southern Ohio’s Adams County from Kentucky.
  • Flat-topped hills and uplands rimmed by cliffs define the area.
  • Limestone, dolomite and shale bedrock are characteristic of the region and its landscape moves from gentle slopes to steep slopes, depending on erosion.
  • Some uplands are marked by sink holes or depressions that formed in rocks composed mainly of chalk.

Till Plains

  • This fertile region located south of the Lake Plains is not as flat and is characterized by gently rolling hills.Physiographic Regions of Ohio
  • Most hills are a series of moraines, which are glacier-created mounds of rock and soil that are up to 100 feet high and 6 miles wide.
  • A hilly belt of bedrock in Bellefontaine rises 1,549 feet above sea level – the highest point in the state, called Campbell’s Hill.
  • Glaciers created terraces along valley sides and new drainage patterns including today’s Ohio River.

Huron-Erie Lake Plains

  • Once the bottom of a much larger ancient lake known as Lake Maumee, this region is an extremely flat plain.
  • A narrow strip of land along the Lake Erie coast in northeastern Ohio, it broadens significantly west of Cleveland.
  • As water levels rose and fell, sandy beach ridges and dunes formed along the shore.
  • The northwestern area of the region was called the Great Black Swamp – marked by rich, black soils and poor drainage.

Allegheny Plateaus

  • Untouched by glaciers, this southeastern Ohio region features deep valleys, high hills and winding streams.
  • Sandstone, resistant to erosion and common in the region, supports a variety of cliffs, gorges, natural bridges and waterfalls.
  • Although the region has thousands of forested acres, the topography is rough and much of the soil is infertile.
  • A long belt of high hills on the eastern edge, running from Monroe to Columbiana County, divides eastward and westward flowing streams.

Glaciated Allegheny Plateaus

  • Carved by glaciers and ancient streams, this region is less hilly and lacks the rugged quality of the unglaciated landscape.
  • Following glaciation, many streams reversed their flow, cutting new paths throughout the region.
  • Evidence of the region’s glacial past includes bogs, kettle lakes, and a landscape marked by small hills of sand and gravel called “kames”.
  • Today, the area is marked by smaller tracts of forests, ranging from a few acres to hundreds of acres.


So, if you have a commercial parcel or a large multi-family residential complex, you should consider asking for the ALTA standards to be used.

You should also probably do this if you are considering the purchase or development of a parcel outside your state. Most of the banks will require this if you ask for a loan on this type property, but I recommend this even if the bank doesn’t require it.

If we can help you with an ALTA Survey in Ohio, please contact us at (800) 798-9540 or fill out our Table A and Contact form.

2021 ALTA Survey

7 Advantages to Using the ALTA Survey Standards:

  1. Uniform Standard. The ALTA standards are a uniform nation-wide survey standard. These national standards make it easy for the title company to review the survey and write title insurance on the property, which controls the financial risk for the owners and lenders.
  2. Encroachments/Easements Shown. Encroachments are when a property owner violates the property rights of his neighbor by building something on, or over, the neighbor’s land. If described sufficiently, an ALTA survey should show potential encroachments and plot recorded easements on the survey drawing. Whether a potential encroachment or physical condition is an actual encroachment or not is a legal determination.
  3. Familiarity. Most all of the parties in any deal – lenders, attorneys, surveyors, and title professionals – are familiar with the ALTA survey standards. Working together with this same survey standard allows them to “play off the same sheet of music,” so to speak.
  4. Title Research. The surveyor has the advantage of having the deed research from the title commitment before issuing the final version of the survey. In other standards, this is not required.
  5. ALTA Table A Items. The ALTA survey standards include a list of optional items (Table A) that may be needed and ordered when the original survey is ordered. This may save money since the work is done at the same time as the boundary survey.
  6. Title Exceptions. Title exceptions are matters which are not covered by the title insurance policy. Two, or more, such exceptions deal with matters which may be found by an accurate survey of the property; encroachments, for example. Exceptions limit the liability of the title insurer to the insured. Completion of an ALTA survey allows the title insurer to remove those exceptions.
  7. Consistent Scope of Work. Usually the hardest part of any contract is determining the scope of work and how it will be completed. The ALTA survey standards provide a consistent scope of work that has been used since 1988 and is frequently reviewed and updated to conform to the latest technology and legal issues.

2021 ALTA Survey

If we can help you with an ALTA Survey in Ohio, please contact us at (800) 798-9540 or fill out our Table A and Contact form.